The Assessor, in collaboration with County IT, initiated the “Open Text Upgrade and Assessor Records Transformation” project. The project will continue throughout FY 2018-19. The project includes the scanning of over 2,200,000 paper documents in over 168,000 parcel files, the creation of a digital parcel file library within the OpenText document management environment, and developing many workflows combined with business process re-engineering to handle most of the Department’s work activities. Packing files in preparation for Shipment HAS BEGUN!!!

Packing files in preparation for Shipment HAS BEGUN!!!

How might this affect you?

  • May be a short delay in retrieving your file if it is off site being digitized.

How will it benefit you?

  • Access to all files for staff and property owners from either office location.
  • Better efficiencies for Staff.
  • Better service for you!
Note: Digital parcel file documents will not be available to property owners or the general public on the website.
When will the project be complete? June – July 2019
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