(Left to right) Bob Crizer, owner; Jim Stanfill; Gabe Quiroz, Farmers Insurance; Matthew Davis, Project Expediter; Dahlan Richenburg, Project Manager; Steve Vinson; Emily McLongstreet, Bookkeeper; Kameron White-Holmes, Manager; Nic Huston, Designer and Lynette Tornatzky including Katy – Surf Dog Extraordinaire

Bob came to the area to go to Cal Poly for architecture in Dec. of 1979 with his girlfriend Beth after learning to draw for an architecture firm in San Diego. Beth started Cal Poly while Bob went to Cuesta because the Architecture Program at Poly was impacted. After living here for 6 months, Bob went to word for a contractor and never went to Cal Poly. Bob married his beautiful wife Beth in 1980.

In Jan. 1983 Bob got his contractor’s license and went into business building residential and small commercial buildings. Beth assisted in the business when it first started while going to school and working at a hospital in nutrition.

In 1986 Bob was awarded the contract to manage the construction of the South Bay Community Center. The contract was awarded against the recommendation of the architect

due to young guy with not enough experience. The project was brought in on time and under budget and the architect wrote Bob a letter of recommendation. Adaptability has been Crizer Construction’s means of survival. In 1991 during a down turn in the housing market Crizer Construction went to work in the cellular industry building cell sites and did that work for approximately 6 years. The loss of a brother happened on one of those sites in 1996 devastating to Bob and family.

In 1993 Crizer took approximately 35 builders to LA to rebuild a home for a woman that lost her home in an equity fraud scam. Crizer and the Central Coast team built the home in 7 days and gave her home back to her for Christmas in 1993.

In 1994 Crizer built a cell site on Santa Cruz Island and then continued work on the Island doing restoration work on buildings built by Italian stone masons in the mid to late 1800s. The work on the Island lasted for 10 years. Following cellular work Crizer Construction moved into work on the local schools doing “measure A” work for San Luis Coastal Unified. Housing returned and back in housing we went.

Crizer Construction Inc. has been the general contractor on more than 60 new homes and commercial buildings in his career as well as over 300 remodels. Our offices are located in a building built by Crizer in 1984 and purchased in 2004. We operate in a small town where community service has always been part of our existence.

Crizer Construction now carries approximately 30 staff members including 2 sons Jake andSam, that have grown up around the business and are presently part of the staff. Crizer Construction continues a commitment to community service and often has pizza or coffee with those they have built homes for.