The Domino’s Pizza in Los Osos has been locally owned and operated since it was bought by my wife (Brenda) in 1989.  Brenda started working at the Lompoc Domino’s in 1983 and was offered to work in the Los Osos Domino’s in 1988.  In 1989, the Los Osos location was up for sale and was purchased by Brenda.

While I was attending Cal Poly in 1990, I met Brenda and was immediately attracted to the owner of a pizza restaurant ……. I mean my future wife.  In 1994, we were married and I moved to live with her in Los Osos.  In 1995, we had our first child Brandon and in 1998, our second child Kyle.  Domino’s became a true family operation with the kids growing up around the store and eventually working with us and running the store.

We have enjoyed running the day to day operations of this business over the last 29 years and look forward to many more years to come in this beautiful community.

Chris Saletta, Domino’s Pizza