Pictured left to right: Tim Carstairs, Carstairs Energy, Inc.; Rita Flores, Sage Ecological Landscapes; Danielle and Lacey McNamara, owners; Dee DiGioia, Mindful Kindful YOUniversity; Tony Lindstrom, Golden State Water and Jim Stanfill.

Lyrics and Melodies Studio came from humble beginnings. In 2010, Lacey and Danielle McNamara began teaching private voice and piano lessons in the living room of a tiny San Luis apartment while parents waited at the kitchen table. In 2017, they moved into their beautiful studio home in Los Osos, right next to the Asian Market.

In 2014, they began Mini Melodies, offering parent participation-based music classes using the international Music Together® curriculum. Working with students from birth is an amazing experience. It has allowed attendees to help make the world a more musical place and encourages families to become music makers rather than simply music consumers. As their venue and programs grow, so do their dreams. They hope that Lyrics and Melodies Studio will be a place where you can come to effectively learn your instrument (voice, piano, ukulele, or guitar) and be a place with a sense of community, a second home, and a musical family.

“When we were literally inviting people into our home for lessons, the sense of family came with the nature of the location. Now that we have a dedicated studio space, we want to continue that feeling by offering opportunities to create that bond outside of your lesson time. We now have group classes, camps, workshops, and events where our students of all ages and their families can continue their musical education and continue to grow the musical connection we foster.”